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Proposed HOA Budget for 2022
We will vote on it at the Annual Meeting.

Officers for 2022
  Jim Duggan, President
  Jim Norris, Vice-President
  Bob Coleman, Treasurer
  Gary Reed, Director
  LD Chamberlain, Director
  Jake Culwell, Director
  Ashley Stambaugh, Director

Annual HOA Dues

Dues                     1 1 1. 40
Trash Pickup         2 0 6. 00

       Total        $   3 1 3. 40



Financial statements for the Homes Association are prepared and available to view by accessing the HOA Documents link above.

Work Day, Join us for the next one!

A few of our neighbors gathered on Saturday to help spruce up three homes, to give a helping hand and improve the property values for all of us.

Everyone at the last annual meeting raved about Bev Well's blueberry cake.  Here is the recipe!

Our History

We have history! Ann Ninneman, our historian, has compiled a fascinating look at the history of our neighborhood and Merriam. Lots of amazing and amusing facts. As you read through it, be thinking of your own memories and anecdotes that we can add to the collection. Thank you, Ann!

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