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Sherwood Forest Neighborhood

Since its establishment in 1947, our small neighborhood of 52 homes has continued a tradition of quiet, tranquil living and warm community. We hope you feel welcome here!

Our neighborhood HOA, comprised of officers and directors, meet every 1-2 months depending upon need.
Board members and all residents are welcome to attend any of our public meetings. The architectural and landscaping committees, as well as other ad hoc committees, meet with needed frequency.

Officer and director positions have voting privileges and are elected annually. These Board members are responsible for carrying out the responsibilities of the neighborhood, such as trash contracts, bookkeeping, maintaining the bylaws and restrictions, addressing code issues and other resident and neighborhood concerns.

Sherwood Forest HOA


Officer Team

President James Duggan,

Vice President Ashley Stambaugh,
Secretary Carol Eubank, 
Treasurer Bob Coleman,


Board Members

Director Gary Reed,
Director Jim Norris,
Director LD Chamberlain,
Director Jake Culwell,
Director Phil Lammers,

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